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pakistani songs



Pakistani Pop Songs



      Koi Aanay Wala Hai - Strings



Qismat Apney Haat Mein - Shehzad Roy







Koi Chehra - Adeel


Meri Kahani - Atif Aslam


Boondh - Jal The Band


Akash - AKS



HumTum - Vital Signs



Dil Mein - Waris Baig


Aaja Nachley - Waris Baig



Best Of 1998 - Vital Signs



Babia - Sajjad Ali


Aetbaar - Vital Signs


Dil Dil Pakistan - Vital Signs



Vital Signs



Gham - Rahim Shah


Channa - Rahim Shah

Tera Te Mera - Sheraz Upal



Moodi - Sajjad Ali



Roop Nagar - Najam Shiraaz


Roop Nagar - Najam Shiraaz


Yeh Moamla Koi Aur Hai - Najam Shiraaz





Pyaar Nahin Milta - Rahim Shah


Saba Ru - Rahim Shah



Ishq - Junoon


Jaise Chaho Jiyo - Najam Shiraaz


Khazana - Najam Shiraaz


Pyaar Karan Nu Dil Karda - Najam Shiraaz








Inquilaab - Junoon


Parvaaz - Junoon








Haroon Ki Awaaz


Jind Jaan Soniye

Uchiyaan Majajan Wali



Bol Tujhe Kya Chahiye



Uss Rah Per - Junaid Jamshed


Best Of Junaid Jamshed's Remixes

Junaid Jamshed's Best Songs Collection



Haroon - Lagan



Doorie - Atif Aslam


Mantra - Faakhir

Sab Tun Soniye



Aatish -Faakhir









Raag Neela  Aaroh




Naam - Ali Haider


Rangeen - Sajjad Ali


Best Of Sajjad Ali






Mahi - Ali Haider

      Ali Haider - Jadu 


Zamana Nazuk Hai



Peeli Patti - Noorie






Buri Baat Hai



Shiraz Upal

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Great common sense here. Wish I'd thought of that.

Comment posted by Suhailul( boyarka_mihailmail.ru ), 05/20/2013 at 11:40am (UTC):
One of the best faces on Pakistani media in my opinion mailny because of his pleasant, mature and balanced style. I think he should consider initiating his own talk show on geo something which focuses on the unknown geniuses around in every field and not just politicians.

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