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Class XII

Class XII



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Oh well… only max of 160k MQMs per year for the one account then. I guess then I would split it this way each year:130k MQM for Account A (Getting Diamond each year)70k MQM for Account B and find another 5k from somewhere else, like, I dunno, flying on DL (Getting Platinum each year)Then when Account A has hit 1 million (or 2 million) miles, switch. That’d get each person high level status during the effort and get to that “lifetime” status a little faster. Of course, you could just focus on Account A getting to 4 million miles, but I’m figuring they’ll get there pretty fast at that point anyway, after being Diamond for 15 years.But I guess if you’re racking up 100k MQMs from credit card spend, the extra 25k per year to hit Diamond probably wouldn’t be too hard anyway.When I win Powerball Wednesday night, I’ll make sure to let you know what I decide to do and how it works out for me.

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Comment posted by:11/06/2009 at 4:34am (UTC)

hello dear,
nice website for helping students

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